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Luis Alberti

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Luis Alberti,  Is an Outstanding Mexican actor born on October 30th, 1981, in Mexico City. He is a Graduate from theatre acting college:                                                He learns his best acting skills from theater and film making teachers as David Hevia, Roberto Duarte, Carolina Politi and Rocío Belmont (IMDB)i


He starts his trajectory founding the independent theatre company "Vaca 35 teatro en grupo" in order to reflect on theatre acting language, developing intimate acting skills on stage through a 7 years long constant theatrical, experimental activity. Nowadays he is part of  "Teatro Lúcido"  contemporary theatre company, acting on the play "BESTIARIO" based on Julio Cortazar's text, directed by Moira Santoro.

On T.V.: He is known by the large Mexican audience by his most famous tv series "Rosario Tijeras" 2017, and his first T.V. leading Role as the Mexican singer/composer "Lupe Esparza" in the TNT Bio pic "Bronco, un éxito Indomable". 


Since 2011 up to date, he appears in many TV series like: "Crónica de castas" 2014; The Bio pic "El Caesar" 2017; Telemundo "Enemigo Intimo 2" 2020; S.W.A.T. 2021;  “Jugar con Fuego” 2019, Amazon "El Candidato" and "Before I forget" 2021, sharing credits with Damian alcázar, Paulina Gaitán, Dolores Heredia, directed by Mexican film director Ernesto Contreras.


On film making: He delivers many multifacetic roles on international films, getting his first co-starring role on the film "Carmín Tropical" 2015, by Rigoberto Pérezcano, role that led Luis Alberti to his first nomination by the Mexican Film Academy (AMACC), to the 2015 “Ariel award” as Best supporting actor, and the CANACINE "Luminus Award" as Revelation actor. He is also co-starring the latest Peter Greenaway's film "Eisenstein in Guanajuato" released in the official selection of the Berlin international film festival "Berlinale 2015".


In 2020 he wins Best actor "Ariel award" by the Mexican Film academy (AMACC), and the Morelia's international film festival 2019 "Eye award" to the best actor, for his lead role on the film produced by Michele Franco and Eréndira Núñez: "Workforce" directed by David Zonana.


For this year, 2022, he leads the film "La suerte de Juan" by Carlos Armella (Postproduction) and he is Confirmed as part of the cast for the next Angelina Jolie's film "Without Blood".


Other Film credits are: "I carry you with me" Heidi Ewing; “Love me not” Luis Miñarro 2019; "The Golden dream" by Diego Quemada-Diez, "Charity” by Marcelino Islas; "The Similars" by Isaac Ezban; "Todo en Juego" Alfredo Marrón, and "Fireflies" Bani Koshnoudi, and other titles.

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